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(Updated Ref!) Inaudible Riley- Creepypasta OC
Updated Bio of Simper Inaudible, please critique if there's any flaws with her so I can improve on her!! ^^

- Please NO PORN/ NSFW
-Yes, friends/ Other relationships are allowed! But please ask!
-You may draw fanart of her! But credit me!
-If you're putting her in a comic, please ask me first!!

Please and Thank you!


Inaudible Riley|Creepypasta OC| May 20th 2017|


Name- Riley Davis Opals

Alias- Inaudible Riley

Nicknames- Silence Slasher

Age- 28-years-old (and will forever live that age).

Gender- Female

(EDIT) Sexuality- Biromantic (Bisexual Asexual)

Date Of Birth- 5/28/1986

Place of Birth- Los Angeles, California

Current residence- Western parts of the USA

Height- "5'5

Weight- 135lbs

Species- Ghost

Race- American

Personality- Serious, quiet, sarcastic at times, "I don't care" attitude, perverted as hell, can be stressed out at times, feels a lot of guilt, trust issues, hypocritical, hyper-vigilance, tomboy, really short tempered, and emotional.

Voice- Normal Woman's Voice

Favorite Color- Maroon


Blood Type- AB

Mental Disorders- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Physical Disorders- N/A

Flaws With Disorders- Her PTS came from her experience with the forest. When it comes to the forests (or anything similar) it triggers her memory and leaves her in a stress panic. Also causes flashbacks.

Scars- There are axe wounds around her chest area, such as lungs, ribs, and heart, causing her death.

Powers/Abilities- Abilities of what a ghost (teleportation, walking through objects, can't be physically hurt, etc).

Strengths- Intelligence and Strength

Weaknesses- Anything holy (Holy water, crosses, chants, salt, etc), any forest/ woods (triggers her PTS), very very bright lights.


Speed- 3/10
Strength- 7/10
Intelligence- 9/10
Vision- 8/10
Balance- 4/10
Agility- 5/10
Insanity- 6/10
Loyalty- 4/10



Main Color Scheme- Maroon, Gray, and Black


-Gray, baggy sweater
-Black Nylon Pants
-Burgundy Boots
-Brown Work Gloves (Found it at a dumpster)
-Maroon poncho (Also found it at a dumpster to hide her bloody wounds)
-Black bandana

Physical Features
-Dark brown, neck length, messy hair
-Dark blue eyes
-Peachy skin color
-Has a curvy-ish body type.

Weapon- Fire Axe

Targets- N/A, but mostly towards people who are gullible enough to fall under her trap.

Killing Method- She'll choose a target (metioned above). She'll stalk the target, but at the same time though make the target believe that she is a "homeless" or "lost" person. The Target and Riley will have a "trusting" relationship. Once it has been finally done. Riley will show the victim her blooded guts and wounds under her poncho and kill them.


Friends- Stefania (By StoryCatt), The Devil Child, The Little Creator, Randal The Human Ragdoll, and Pink Killer (ALL of those belong to UsedtobeGGiraffe). (OPEN/ASK).

Allies- Jane The Killer, Clockwork, Eyeless Jack. (Ask).

Rivals- Laughing Jack, Smile Dog, and Harper (By UsedtobeGGiraffe).

Enemies- The proxies, Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, The Rake, and Ben Drowned. (Ask)

Love Intrest- N/A (OPEN/ASK).


Likes- The color maroon, books, sweet treats, fires, coffee, dolls, and animals

Dislikes- Forests, cold temperatures, snow, bright lights, and loud noises.

Theme Song- You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring


"Good're fucked."
"Okay look, I ain't gonna be friends with you if you look like fairies just shitted on you."
"Stop it with the lame insults, you're just making yourself look like a retard."
"I don't give two shits if you're dead or alive, just stop acting like a bitch!"
"We'll carry on I guess."


- Although, she can't die. She can be weakened by her weakness and her PTS.
-She has no Medical/ Treatments on her PTS.
-she doesn't want be in a "sexual" relationship,
Mainly because she doesn't want to be "responsible" for the outcome. And Also the fact that she's a ghost.


Coming Soon!

Inaudible Riley/Ref Sheet- Steam-Ice-Dream
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hOlY shit today's my last day of school. That means.. More art, Internet and whatever I'am gonna do this summer!! HOWAH

*crawls into the corner and cries*


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