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Creepypasta OC- Time Spirit
{A Few Edits}- I'am thinking of redesigning her and her ref sheet, the info in the DESC will be the same.


So, here's an updated bio of Nightmare Clock, please critique of you have flaws with her!! ^^


Creepypasta name- Time Spirit

Real Name- Amber Stones

Age (Before she died)- 27

Current Age- 53

D.O.B- 5/7/1937

D.O.D- 12/15/1964

Height- "5'4

Weight- 126lbs

Species- Spirit

Element- Time

Gender- Female

Sexuality- Biromantic

Place she was created- Utah (America)

Native Languages- American English

Languages spoken- American English

Personality- Serious, cold, strategize, quiet, intelligent, short tempered.

Powers- Time freezing people with her third eye (if the person makes direct eye contact with her third eye, then they'll freeze), predict the future, and teleportation.

Strength- Stealth, patience, can easily dodge attacks when focused (due to her ability to predict the future), flexibility.

Weaknesses- Loud Noises, bright lights, cold temperatures, tight spaces, anything holy, can get migraines when she uses her third eye or predict the future way too much, confusing.

Likes- Time, Clocks, calm noises, the color yellow, warmth, and the woods.

Dislikes- People who she finds "weak", dolls, snow, celebrities, holes, and rain.

Phobias- Claustrophobic, Psychrophobia.

Weapons- Physical attacks, claws, teeth.

Prefer hand- ambidextrous

Current Residence- N/A

Occupation- Stalker/ Killer


"Tik tok the clocks hands keep ticking."

"The hands of a clock can move, but never clap."

"Sometimes, time is not on our side."

Canon Voice Actress- Bekka Prewitt

Voice Examples- Kitty Cheshire

Killing Styles-

1st style of killing- She'll choose a victim who she considers "weak" or is "not afraid or worried" about time. She'll stalk the victim. She'll leave scratch marks on the victims hand signaling a countdown of a certain time when they'll die or turn insane.

2nd style of killing- When a person tries to attack her. She'll use her third eye in order to make the victim frozen in time. Once they're frozen in time. She'll kill the victim with just stabs.

Targets for killing- Weak people, ignorant people, people who refuse to worry about time, people who try to hurt children.

Physical Appearance

-Hair is a pale blonde with a black headband
-Her eyes are clocks
-Her third eye is green from her past life.
-Skin is gray with black stripes
-Her body shape is pear.
-Her Mouth has sharp teeth and tongue is a serpent gray.

-A goldish colored Lolita dress
-Black leggings
-Black combat boots
-Black headband


- (Open) just ask
- Simper Inaudible

- (Open) just ask
- Children

- (Open) just ask.
-Anyone who doesn't care about time


Origin Story- (Tik Tok Stalker)- Coming soon

Sequel Story- (Time Has Stopped Ticking)- Coming Soon

Facts/ Trivia

- The reason why here skin and eyes are like that because she made a huge deal with a demon. After breaking that deal. The demon took over her body.

-The Third eye is also the same reason as before.

-She mainly can be seen in dark woods.
catherlne is hosting a contest!!



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United States
Rukui || Female || American || Writer, artist, music producer|| Aroflux ||

So, hey guys! My Name is... Just call me Rukui okay? I'm a fan of comic books, superheroes, horror, fantasy, and all of that stuff.

I love drawing and art in general. But right now I have a huge passion in writing. I'm hoping that I could reach goals as a graphic novelist!!

Ever After High
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